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PMM Mentor Leaders FL 2013

Progressive Masculinities Mentors (PMM) is a multicultural group of individuals concerned about traditional gender scripts. Instead of remaining in the traditional "man box," PMM attempts to move outside of it to communicate love, vulnerability, compassion, hope and respect. This is a wonderful way for college males to learn civic responsibility, community service and personal development. We are a "new genderation of men" who welcome other men to join our movement. The group works closely with The Women's Center to address gender violence issues. After completing the "Sexual Violence Prevention Training for Male Allies," PMM members join The Women's Center staff in providing anti-violence teaching and mentoring to students in local high schools and middle schools. PMM works closely with the Student Rights and Responsibilities department to offer a restorative justice program where students with minor behavior offenses attend PMM and participate in community service projects.

For more information about PMM, please contact the Black Resource Center at 453-3918 or Dr. Derrick Williams at 453-3916.